14 Under 45: Dima Elissa

Dima Elissa, VisMed 3D chief executive officer, is also an Apareció board member, helped co-moderate the 14 Under 45 networking event.


Dima Elissa, Founder, VisMed 3D. Photographed by Alissa Pagels.

Elissa aided to the discussion by asking our panelist members challenging questions and giving the students insight of her own expertise.

“I value opportunities to teach, to share and to listen and learn from others,” Elissa said. “Creativity and clarity are cornerstones of success, be it in a professional or personal venture, I enjoy imparting my stories of trials, tribulations, and triumphs to reach my goals.”

For the event, Elissa shared the co-moderating role with Yaritza Velasquez, a senior at West Leyden High School.

“I was honored to join Yaritza and have the panel discuss and convey their personal and professional views on gender bias’ and challenges in gaining an equitable status at work,” said Elissa. “Having a wide range of participants allowed us to share varied stories, where students could find commonalities and listen to adversity and triumph across the grain of our community.”

Elissa believed that the event was a success for the Apareció Foundation. She agreed that it was an enjoyable evening that laid down the foundation of the organization and set a high bar for future Apareció events.

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