14 Under 45: Jill Hinrichs

Jill Hinrichs, career coach, found Aparecio’s 14 Under 45 networking event to be absolutely necessary for the development our youth’s future.


Jill Hinrichs, Career Coach, CareerBuilder. Photographed by Alissa Pagels.

“Mentorship is essential for growth,” Hinrichs said. “There is so much information, so many opportunities, and so many different choices to make everyday. Giving young women access to resources to make the best choices and be informed about what’s ahead will not only impact them as individuals but has a huge impact on socially and economically.”

Hinrichs believes that we are all interconnected and can obtain contacts that can be useful for our successes; it just takes some effort to find those connections and maintain them.

“Everyone should have knowledge of the power of their network,” Hinrichs said. “No man is an island. We are all connected and the sooner we start building relationships with people who inspire and motivate us the closer we’ll be to achieving our goals.”

One of Hinrichs favorite aspects of her job, as a career coach, is having the ability to help someone shift their awareness, take action or move forward in some way. Feeling a sense of advancement with someone gives her an appreciation for what she’s doing.

Hinrichs was eager to speak of the other panel member’s contributions to the event as well. After leaving the event she felt a lot of the discussion throughout the night resonating with her.

“Dayna Dion, Lawrence Brown, Christine Griffith and Holly Copeland all said things that really touched and motivated me,” Hinrichs said. “It is an amazing group of people, I’m so glad I was part of the night!”

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