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14 Under 45: Christine Griffith

14 Under 45: Christine Griffith

Christine Griffith, Time Out Sales Manager, was a participant of Aparecio’s 14 Under 45 panel, which included some of the top professionals in Chicago.

Griffith was inspired to be a panelist because she wanted a platform to share her experiences. She also found it encouraging having the opportunity to meet various men and women from several different industries and backgrounds.

Griffith explained why having events like 14 Under 45 for youth is important. She stressed that having role models is essential for students in order to be challenged and motivated.

“Having a mentor is like getting guidance for life,” Griffith said. “Mentors will test you. Like a teacher, they know your strengths and encourage you to look beyond what you see and go further.”

Griffith explained that in sales, her day-to-day routine is very consistent, but what she finds most rewarding is having the ability to meet new people, help her customers reach their target audience and be a key role in building a brand.

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Some advice Griffith hoped the guests of 14 Under 45 would embrace was to stay well-connected with people who can help you out in the long run.

“Get to know people who are in the room, find out as much as you can about them and stay connected.”

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