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14 Under 45: Kate Liebelt

14 Under 45: Kate Liebelt

Kate Liebelt, Deloitte chief of staff and health care provider consultant, shared why The Apareció Foundation’s mission encouraged her to be a panelist at the 14 Under 45 event.

“I am really inspired by the work Jessica George and her team are doing to mentor young women and help guide their academic and professional choices,” Liebelt explained. “By sharing my perspectives and experiences on issues of gender and diversity in the workplace, I hope to inspire and encourage these young women and my peers to always challenge the status quo and promote inclusion at their organizations.”

When she was just a sophomore in college, Liebelt was determined to work with Deloitte’s Global Health Care Practice.

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“When it comes to your studies and career, think big and think outside the box,” Liebelt advised. “The most rewarding aspect of my job is that I get to live my dream daily.”

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