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Fran Hauser: Inspiring is Key to Success

Fran Hauser: Inspiring is Key to Success

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Fran Hauser would be heartbroken if she saw someone sitting alone at the lunch table. She would invite that person to have lunch with her and her friends, Hauser says.

Now the President of Digital for Time Inc.’s Style and Entertainment Group, Hauser says she loves to connect people and inspire impactful change. “My relational intelligence has served me well my entire life.”

Hauser knew from an early age that being generous and philanthropic was a part of who she was. Hence, she volunteered at a large hospital while attending high school, and realized she wanted to have an impact on not just the people she loved, but also on the world. She says, “I find real personal satisfaction from this.”

Hauser made the crucial decision to leave Coca Cola Enterprises to join Moviefone in 1998, which gave her the opportunity to run various departments including sales strategy, product development, account management and digital media. “I knew that eventually I wanted to run a business and wanted to get as much exposure to as many functions as possible.”

Her decision to switch companies had also been inspired by the idea of creating something from a blank piece of paper. “My father was a stonemason and my mother a tailor, and they both did such beautiful work, whether it was building a stone wall or making a dress from scratch,” she says. “At the time in the mid 1990s, the commercial internet was starting to take off, and I was excited about going to work for a company that was making a substantial move onto the Internet, and along with that I saw a huge opportunity to create many compelling consumer products from scratch.”

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Hauser now drives and oversees the digital businesses of some of the publishing industry’s biggest brands such as PEOPLE, InStyle and Entertainment Weekly. Mentoring has also been a substantial part of Hauser’s career. She is active with Levo League, a mentoring community of young professional women, where she regularly answers questions, gives advice, shares professional anecdotes and helps members navigate the tricky waters of starting and nurturing a career.

“Coming from a big family, I learned how important it is to grow with support and constructive critique. It is critical to have people in your professional life who can champion you and give you honest advice or criticism when required. I try to be that person and have those people in my life today.”

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