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Art and Passion: How the Jeanie Madsen Gallery combines two life elements for lifelong prosperity.

Art and Passion: How the Jeanie Madsen Gallery combines two life elements for lifelong prosperity.

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The Jeanie Madsen Gallery is conveniently located in downtown Santa Monica just steps away from the beach on 1431 Ocean Avenue. The gallery is open to the public six days a week and is open by appointment only on Mondays.

The location offers a scenic oceanfront view of the historic Santa Monica Pier, and is also walking distance to fine dining hot spots Sushi Roku, Blue Plate Taco and Water Grill. The art gallery is an impressive 2,000 square foot exhibition space known for showcasing the work of both local artists and international artists on the rise. Current exhibition: The “Best of JMG” featuring works from Jennifer Verge, Lauren Szabo, Brooke Harker, Robyn Horton, Scott Horton, Tamara Leigh and more.

The art exhibition includes a variety of urban pop, industrial pop, and contemporary impressionist-inspired mixed media works, oil paintings, and eccentric urban photography. The “Best of JMG” exhibition also presents stylish designs from six fashion designers. In addition to the current art work on display, Jeanie Madsen Gallery also features an art boutique section housing original and limited editions of “wearable” art work ranging from scarves, dresses, custom jewelry, and handbags.

Designers include Jeanie Madsen, Jennifer Verge, Fahmina and Carolyn. Jeanie Madsen Gallery recently introduced new artist Brooke Harker, a native Angeleno, whose oil, ink and acrylic paintings are inspired by unique buildings with character and bustling cityscapes around the world. Harker’s work and can be found at Jeanie Madsen Gallery and Christopher Morgan Galleries in Laguna Beach, CA. Her recent exhibits include the Beverly Hills artSHOW, Santa Monica Art Studios and DDR Gallery in Santa Monica.

Earlier in the year, Jeanie Madsen Gallery extended its’ “Women Rock” exhibition from Fall 2013. Artist and Director, Jeanie Madsen, coordinated an all-women art showcase to support women in the arts. The event started as a theme but quickly expanded into an awareness event in collaboration with the Santa Monica Jaycees, Soroptimist, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and Outstanding Women Leader.

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“When we work together through authentic relationships, all things are possible,”Jeanie Madsen. Last summer Madsen hosted “I Love Santa Monica,” a red carpet charity event which featured the art work of Leslie Miranda, Mark Andrew Allen, Jennifer Verge, Ken Matthews, Fabien Lewkowicz, Robyn Horton, Scott Horton, and Vincent Walker. Jeanie Madsen Gallery is available for rental for special events, on-location shoots, film screenings, fashion shows, movie premieres and more.

The space capacity is approximately 250 guests, and space rental includes access to a full kitchen, bathroom, PA system, step & repeat, red carpet, and valet parking that are available. For more information on upcoming events and exhibitions, please visit or

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