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Axwell’s Solo Career Launches with New Single

Axwell’s Solo Career Launches with New Single

The electric dance music trio, Swedish House Mafia, may have broken up in March, but that won’t stop former member Axwell from producing more dance club singles. Axwell, also known as Axel Hedfors, is a Swedish DJ, producer and owner of Axtone Records. A success in the electronic dance community, his Ultra Records solo track, “Center of the Universe,” has been long awaited by fans.

Featuring Swedish singer/songwriter, Magnus Carlsson, the dance beat has a hypnotic rhythm with soft piano keys behind vintage electronic harmony. The uplifting sound is accompanied by short inspirational lyrics of love.

The initial song launches with an interactive music video found on Carlsberg’s Where’s the Party? campaign; the video follows a man on his way to a party. By placing the curser over the video at certain areas, the track plays louder for the viewer. There is an invitation to learn more about the campaign on Twitter: #followthebeat.

On May 10, Pete Tong premiered a special “Remode” version of “Center of the Universe” on BBC Radio 1. The piano and vocals remain in the song, accompanied by percussion and other additional electronic sounds that add to the party vibe, creating a heavier-set beat. The original and remix have not been formally released yet, and the release date is undetermined.

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The interactive video of the original “Center of the Universe” can be found at

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