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Style & Grooming: VoKare by Christopher Jozeph

Style & Grooming: VoKare by Christopher Jozeph

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Christopher Jozeph did not invent the word vo-ca-re, but has given the meaning revival by establishing his line of menswear, VoKare.

“I lived in an apartment with cockroaches the size of my thumb, gun shots outside my window. He defines VoKare as creating, “ a vivid impression of reality,” and believes this superrealistic vision can be achieved by the clothing one wears. Through his VoKare designs, Christopher Jozeph demonstrates to men all over the world that the way they feel in clothing is not only an extension of their character, but also reveals their inner-confidence. With VoKare, he hopes to evoke this confidence and passion in men, and to take on the world. His circle of friends, which include everyone from entertainment industry professionals, to doctors, advertising executives, philanthropists, and even professional athletes, all have one thing in common; they all want a little edge in their wardrobe. VoKare by Christopher Jozeph provides this for them.

Jozeph confides that basics are the most important structure to his own personal wardrobe, particularly neutral colored basics, “I own a soft structured blazer in each of the four neutral colors, Gray, Navy, Black, and Tan and is of mid-weight fabric good for all seasons. This can be paired with your dark to light denim, shorts, t-shirts and/or collar shirts. It is the ultimate utility tool in a man’s wardrobe. Dress it up or down and remember that fit-is-everything when looking put together.”

Specifically, Jozeph points out that, “the key thing to remember when shopping is to choose garments that add value and versatility in your wardrobe.” For example the blazer, as mentioned above, can create multiple looks. According to Jozeph, this is why men’s clothing is more expensive than women’s clothing. Men do not shop as often as women do, and therefore many times pay more for a garment knowing they will get years of use out of it. Basically, Jozeph adheres to the idea that “the smaller wardrobe is the new luxury wardrobe.”

Media outreach has been extremely important in creating awareness of VoKare. Christopher Jozeph’s work with the AfterbuzzTV Network has given him the opportunity to be involved with many major events including the Grammys, Emmys, and Oscars. Also, hosting the online show for NBC’s Fashion Star has enabled Jozeph to connect to a bigger audience, giving him an opportunity to market trend research, and using that knowledge as motivation for his VoKare designs. Christopher Jozeph embodies the VoKare Man, in intellect, spirit and style. It is his insights that have made VoKare a philanthropic, multicultural brand which has aligned itself with the Non-Profit, Executives Without Borders. They advocate for systemic change between the business and non-profit worlds, and their goal is to one day make philanthropic efforts and corporate social responsibility, simply be the way business is practiced and accepted.

When asked what men’s designers he admires most, in no particular order, Christopher Jozeph prefers John Varvatos, and Dean and Dan of Dsquared. Varvatos he loves because of the ease with which he blends fashion and music. In fact, both Varvatos and VoKare by Christopher Jozeph use music as an inspiration in their respective creative processes. For example, “Lonely Boy” by the Black Keys is one of Jozeph’s favorite songs, which he relates to by being the so-called “black sheep” of his family. In that same regard, he admires the work of Dsquared for their unique creative ability to communicate edgy fun fashion, and continuously showing the world that there is no need to take yourself so seriously.

This combination of aesthetics from music to fun, edgy fashion, is central to VoKare. “VoKare is for the man who wants to look put together, and still kick some ass,” admits Christopher Jozeph, and this muse is with him in the design process of VoKare. “The VoKare man is masculine and boundless, and knows no limits.”

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