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Spiritual Art with Grey Coutts

Spiritual Art with Grey Coutts

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Artist Grey Coutts is pushing the boundaries not only in art but the study of spirituality. Each of his pieces delves deep into the inner mind and emotions, something that each individual viewer of his work can interpret in their own way. His journey into the world of art was a personal, spiritual, internal study of his own psyche as he began asking questions and finding answers through his artwork. Take for instance his piece titled “Self Discovery,” where the title alone begins to hint at his focus and intentions for his study. His style is both drip-style and collage. Another piece, which he created in 2020 is titled “The Inner Mind.” Each person can take away a different meaning from each of these works. “I use my art to interpret the things and energy around me, whether mine or someone else’s,” Coutts says. The artist is known for his vibrant, vivid use of color, which showcases the idea that spirituality doesn’t have to be so menacing and intense. He gives a colorful take on these ideas. Coutts says that over the past year he has really started to find more confidence in his work, using the pandemic to create inspiring work. He is now working on a series that proves to be prolific, if we are judging by his past work. Recently Coutts held an event in LA titled Unrequited-A-Night-of-Love with other artists.

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