Holly Madison Indulges Women With Her New Diet and More

Holly Madison has yet to take a break from her busy life and work schedule and yet she still finds time for new adventures to embark on.


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It has only been a few months since her baby Rainbow was born and she is already taking the next step to continue becoming a strong and confident business woman. Her recent adventure is the creation of the Holly Madison Diet.

Teaming up with eDiets.com, Holly has been able to channel her healthy intuitions and insights to create a new and fresh way to lose weight, especially after being pregnant. Holly has made it even easier for everyone to track their eating habits and plan their essential routines by creating a mobile app for that specific purpose.

“I love to customize my diet to my specific needs and that is what eDiets provides with the Holly Madison Diet.”

Holly Madison not only has developed her own eating habits but has really enjoyed making her new baby Rainbow Aurora’s baby food. “I make her baby food with my baby bullet appliance and love doing it.” Holly loves being a new mother and looks forward to becoming a role-model and inspiration for her baby girl.

“I want to be strict but not too strict…” Holly Madison talking about herself as a new mother. “I want Rainbow to be creative and passionate and I can do that by exposing her to a lot of different things. Being born in Alaska, it was easy to play and have an imagination but it was even harder to learn specific skills. I want Rainbow to love what she does and I want to encourage her every step of the way.”

As odd as it might seem, the transition from Los Angeles to Las Vegas has been rather easy for Holly Madison. “Las Vegas is a lot easier and more friendly than LA.

There is less traffic, no parking trouble, and way better shopping. I hated the experience of planning my whole day or even a couple hours on what the traffic was like. The traffic in LA is one thing I don’t miss.”

“I love what I am doing right now and I wouldn’t change anything.”

Moving from Alaska to California for college, living in the Playboy Mansion, headlining Las Vegas’ Peepshow to now a new mother, Holly says she has no regrets. “I don’t regret anything. I learned a lot from my past experiences and I want to build from them.” In fact, Holly has discussed getting back into the spotlight but possibly in a new way. “I want to have a more personal and hands-on involvement with my projects.” For now, though, Holly, Rainbow and her husband Pasquale are on strike for traveling.”

Holly may be taking a break from the spotlight but she sure isn’t giving up on showing everyone that she has one of the biggest hearts around. From Lucky Pet Products to The Holly Madison Diet, she has definitely shown that she cares for not only you and me but our four-legged children as well. “I love to help animals. I volunteered at the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas for several years and witnessed first hand what these poor animals go through.

One thing is for sure, Holly Madison is trying hard everyday to improve herself and the people around her. While the Holly Madison Diet may be the most recent step on her personal staircase to success, she is striving to push harder than ever before to continue to be the best person she can be while helping everyone she can along the way.

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