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Award-Winning Fine Dining: Nellcôte Combines Splendor with Affordability

Award-Winning Fine Dining: Nellcôte Combines Splendor with Affordability

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Awarded Chicago Magazine’s “Top 20 Best New Restaurants in Chicago” of April 2012 , Nellcôte is the highly-buzzed, stylish bar and restaurant that offers affordable prices with luxury. Located in West Loop on Randolph Street, Nellcôte provides excellent cocktails and cuisine of French, Italian, and Spanish influences. Best of all, all items on the menu are $15 or under.

Named after Villa Nellcôte, the French Riviera mansion where the Rolling Stones recorded Exile on Main Street, the bohemian theme creates an elegant setting, accented with white Italian marble, extravagant woodwork, cartouche crown molding, and crystal chandeliers.

While the ambient design gives a classic look with modern touches, the award-winning restaurant has been acclaimed for its high caliber kitchen professionals.

Nellcôte’s Executive Chef, Jared Van Camp, has been praised for his attention to detail and use of local ingredients. According to Siena Reese, Nellcôte’s publicist of H2 Public Relations, Van Camp has gone through extreme lengths to mill his own “superfine double zero flour with local heritage wheat sourced from regional farmers.” Although Chicago is surrounded by wheat fields, it is rare for restaurants to use local wheat and flour.

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By using fresh, home-grown wheat, it is no wonder that Van Camp’s two favorite items off his menu are the margarita pizza and the fresh spaghetti. He said they “might be two of the simplest dishes on the menu, but they are still what I consistently want when I am not there.” Among many awards, Van Camp was in “2010’s Best Dining: Standouts from a Year’s Worth of Meals” by Pat Bruno in Chicago Sun Times, for transforming “bar food” into a serious culinary trend nationwide.

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