• Michael Fields

    Michael Fields

    Michael Fields is a copywriter that is always looking at the big picture. Continuously working on his craft, he reads and writes constantly to hone his ability as an exceptional writer. A pupil of the outstanding copywriter George Coakley, famous for the legendary pet rock campaign, Michael has learned to be more creative, exciting, and exceptional in every writing adventure thrown his way. "In our society, the only positive role models for women in the media are models and actresses. That's why I support Aparecio Foundation/Felix Magazine, because through education women can aspire to be more than just becoming the sex symbols of tomorrow."

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Michael Madsen: A True American Badass

It’s easy to see how Michael Madsen is considered to be Hollywood’s iconic, badass bad guy.

Starring in movies like Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Donnie Brasco, Sin City, and Die Another Day, Madsen usually portrays a smooth operating villain that perfectly delivers lines like “Are you gonna bark all day little doggie? Or are you going to bite?”

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Elaine Madsen: I Know a Woman Like That

In answer to my question as to whether she thought there was a particular role for women, she commented: “I don’t think there is a single woman-specific role for us.” Elaine Madsen is a woman of success, struggles, love, friendship, wisdom and hope.

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