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Lilly Tokuyama, Fullerton’s Stylish and Spiritual Storyteller

Lilly Tokuyama, Fullerton’s Stylish and Spiritual Storyteller

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SoCal native Jane of all trades, Lilly Tokuyama is an expert storyteller and a busy bee. In 2011, she was inspired to start a “do good” store after purchasing a Hello Somebody watch in which the company itself (product proceeds go to combat hunger around the globe) introduced her to the idea of social giving.

Three years later, she’s ready to expand her thriving downtown Fullerton store to a larger location and launch an online Share & Do Good store. Below, we talk about Lilly’s obsession with Pinterest, tips on how to start out in the social good community and some of her favorite “do good” brands.

Melissa Wong: I LOVE that you explain the idea of Share & Do Good through storytelling. Of all the brands, current and ones you may no longer carry, which stories do you find most intriguing?

Lilly Tokuyama: One of the best stories in the store comes from Raven+Lily. One product line is from Ethiopia and they take old bullet casings from the different conflicts in the country. The casings are melted down and made into beads. From there, a co-op of women who are HIV positive make lovely jewelry pieces from them. It’s amazing that an item that was once used to destroy is now a tool for empowerment. That’s such a beautiful picture of hope.

MW: When you were first starting out the business, how did you find the specialty retailers/social brands? Was it difficult to obtain the goods before having a brick and mortar store?

LT: It was hard in the beginning when some product lines weren’t available because I lacked a physical store front. Fortunately, many were very open to the idea of Share and I’m forever grateful that they took a chance on me. The Giving Keys, fashionABLE, iSanctuary and Raven+Lily are some to name a few.

MW: After you bought the infamous Hello Somebody watch, how did the process of starting Share & Do Good come about?

LT: Even after I had the idea for the store, I was still too hesitant to dive into it. I did a lot of research online to see if there were enough “do good” brands that could fill a store. Thankfully there were! Before I had an actual location, I started selling through various avenues. Craft shows, home parties hosted by friends, churches, even at vendor fairs at local colleges. Anywhere anyone would let me set up a table or booth and sell for a bit, I was there. I even had some sales straight out of the trunk of my car.

MW: How did you select the brands to be carried in the store?

LT: It’s hard. Because my store is so small, I need to be very selective when it comes to the items carried. I try to find things that are similar in style, quality and price point and that it’s something our customers would want to own or give as a gift. I also want to make sure they have a tangible give back program built into their social enterprise. I really like the TOMS “one for one” model where the product has a direct way of providing another product or service to someone in need.

MW: Which current brands in store are hot sellers?

LT: iSanctuary’s jewelry line just keeps getting better and better. Their necklaces & earrings are always hot sellers in the store. We’re also excited that we have our Sseko Sandal display back up, just in time for summer. They’re super fun to wear and they’re made by women who are using their time at Sseko to raise money to go to college. They don’t want to be sandal makers for the rest of their lives. They want to become doctors, lawyers and teachers, and sandal making will help them to get there.

MW: What was the most challenging task about opening the store?

LT: The hardest part, at least for me, is being responsible for absolutely everything. From buying the products, working behind the cash register, cleaning up spills in the store, to restocking items. It gets tiring at times. But I wouldn’t change what I do for anything.

MW: What has been the best part?

LT: Meeting other “do good’ers” for sure! I’ve been able to meet other like-minded individuals through Share & Do Good. Whether it’s my brand partners, loyal customers, owners of similar stores or bloggers like you who want to share these stories. I just received an email from a guy who started some mall carts in the Santa Clarita area with the same type of focus as Share. It’s encouraging to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that this store is a good idea.

MW: You mentioned in a previous interview that you wanted to write a book – can you tell me more about that?

LT: I do! Actually a series of 3 books, hopefully! They would be written for those wishing to jump into the socially conscious retail world. I’m constantly meeting young “do good’ers” wishing to make a difference in this world; I hope the books will provide helpful tools and resources to make it happen.

MW: How exciting! Who or what are some of your creative inspirations?

LT: I’m super not creative, but I’m a good copier! Pinterest and I are totally best friends. My biggest life inspirations are people who gave up a lot to help those in need. I’m a Christian, so a big part of what I do comes from my relationship with Christ. To me, He’s the greatest “do good’er” of all time. I also greatly admire Mother Teresa and St. Francis for how they gave up so much to help the less fortunate. I also love Bob Goff and Francis Chan who both speak & write about loving others in extravagant & daring ways.

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MW: In one of your previous interviews, you mentioned that when small business owners or those who want to start a social giving business are just starting out- it’s important to: 1) Don’t be Discouraged, 2) Work Hard and 3) Stay Connected. Can you elaborate on each of those points, or add if there are more?

LT: 1. Don’t be discouraged. There are so many days when I want to just give up (yesterday was one of them!) but no one said being an entrepreneur was easy. So I remind myself daily what my purpose is and how it’s helping those in need. That makes it worth it when things aren’t going your way sometimes.

2. Work hard. Some people think I have such a fun and easy life and that it’s super glamorous. Little do they know I work about 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week! I often meet folks with get rich quick schemes and see them crash and burn doing it. All the great achievers in this world spent tireless hours honing their craft and business. Developing a strong work ethic will get you far in this world.

3. Stay connected. You never know how one introduction could lead you to a great opportunity. Because the socially conscious world is pretty small, everyone seems to know everyone. Great opportunities to collaborate and work together have come from these connections. And it’s great to have like-minded friends who understand your motives and drive to help bring change to this world.

MW: Best advice you’ve ever gotten?

LT: Dream big, but start small and be brave even when you want to crawl under the covers and hide forever.

MW: What’s on the radar for Share & Do Good for the rest of 2014?

LT: I’m hoping to open move to a larger location in Fullerton, once my lease is up in the Fall. Hopefully a great space will become available soon! I’m also working on opening a second location in Orange County, just a littler further south.

MW: Great! I look forward to visiting the new store and checking out the online store at!

For West Coast folks, visit Lilly at her Fullerton store Mon-Sat, between 11am-6pm located at: 115 S. Harbor Blvd, Suite F, Fullerton, CA, 92832 Or stay in touch via Facebook:

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