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K Camp In Concert

K Camp In Concert

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K Camp recently performed at Concord Hall last November performing some of his hit songs Cut Her Off, Slum Anthem, and Money Baby.

He rocked the crowd giving off plenty of energy. So much energy, that he lost his balance and almost fell. But K Camp being “Tha Man,” he was able to jump back quick and perform another hit song. We caught up with him after the show to talk about some of his musical influences and latest ventures.

Mariah Mansuo: Think back to when you first started, who influenced you to start this career?
K Camp: I came up on UGK, Outkast, Snoop and Dre, Biggie and Pac, Gucci, TIP, Goodie Mob. Everybody that was really on TV.

MM: When did you move to Atlanta?
KC:I was basically one years old. Raised on the north side of Atlanta.

MM: Who is your favorite rapper out of Atlanta?
KC: K Camp.

MM: When did you realize you were the man around Atlanta?
KC: I didn’t realize I was the man until…that’s a good question because I was popping back in like ‘08, I had a record named All Night that was popping back in ’08. It had the whole college market… I realized I was the man two years ago at Birthday Bash when the whole city appreciated me.

MM: What age did you realize you wanted to be a rapper?
KC: 17, 18. I told myself when I was 17, 18, if I didn’t make it by the time I was 22 I was done rapping. And I made it a t 21.

MM: What would be your advice to the next guy just getting into the game?
KC: Stay consistent. Pursue your dreams, don’t let anybody tell you no. if you have the “it” factor and you know what’s in and if this is what you want to do then keep doing it. Can’t nobody stop you…you are your biggest competition and enemy.

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MM: Who is your favorite artist you want to work with?
KC: That you need to do a song with? Honestly I don’t need to do a song with anybody because I have my own ways. I’ve really accepted the fact that I don’t need anybody to do a song with. Me and Future need one. Me and Drake need one. I have one with Wayne. Who bigger than that?

MM: What’s your next move?
KC: I just dropped a mixtape called Your Welcome on live mixtapes for my fans. It was basically just me just rapping on everybody beat. I have Kiss 3 dropping in December. I’m dropping a mixtape with my producer Bobby Critical, and that mixtape might turn into my next album.

MM: How do you feel about Chicago? How was the vibe?
KC: Chiraq always shows love. Shout out to my dog Durk. I love Chicago. You can find K Camp’s last mixtape, “Your Welcome,” on Live Mixtapes. You can find his album, “Only Way Is Up,” on iTunes and his most recent album “Kiss 3,” which debuted last December, so make sure you check that out!

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