The Royal Concept

If you’re looking for upbeat songs that you can dance to with wild abandon, look no further than the Swedish quartet The Royal Concept.


Photo Credit: The Royal Concept. Photographed by Alissa Pagels.

The group includes David Larson on lead vocals, Filip Bekic on guitar, Magnus Robert on
bass and Frans Povel on drums. The Royal Concept first achieved worldwide attention with their viral hit “D-D-Dance.”

In 2013, the track hit #2 on The Hype Machine, while its follow-ups “Gimme Twice” and ”World on Fire”reached #3, and #1, respectively. LAVA signed the group and released their debut The Royal EP as the band crisscrossed the globe to play live shows in packed venues. Simultaneously, their single, “On Our Way” received attention from shows including Glee and Catfish and the video game FIFA 14. Following that whirlwind, The Royal Concept returned home to
Sweden, eager to do it all again. For a flight to Sweden, you can see The Royal Concept playing throughout the year in their hometown.

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