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Fresh Faces: Willow Star

Fresh Faces: Willow Star

Get to know the models who strike a pose within the pages of FELIX…

What is your earliest fashion memory? The earliest fashion memory I have, and my mom actually has a picture of it, is me posing for the camera. I couldn’t have been older than 5 years old in big high white heels, lace gloves, a visor, a matching total 80’s-early 90’s shorts spandex and matching top.

What are your rules for classic style? If you feel sexy, comfortable and confident there’s no way you wont look it!

Who is your style icon and why? Marilyn Monroe is one of my style icon. She wore what she wanted to wear and radiated sexy, classic and chic. She was real in more than one way than just style.

What is your signature off-duty look? Black leggings, boots, a scarf, my jean jacket and some sort of fun graphic tee shirt or long tank top.

What is your favorite accessory this season? I would have to say since living in Chicago, my favorite accessory season is fall. I especially love my scarfs and hats.

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What’s the oldest go-to item you have in your wardrobe? Well older literally–would be a scarf my grandmother gave me. However, the oldest would probably be a gap jean jacket I have had since I was in like fifth grade that is actually too big for me now.

What is your guilty pleasure? Uggs, sweatpants and a hoodie.

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