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Perfect Your Space With the Chair Factory

Perfect Your Space With the Chair Factory

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Looking for the perfect vintage piece to perfect your apartment’s feng shui? Or how about new swivel stools for the basement bar you’ve always wanted? The Chair Factory has you covered.

According to The Chair Factory website, they manufacture over 400 styles of custom seating in a variety of finishes ranging from wood to metal and an almost endless selection of fabric.

The factory is widely known to provide high-quality seating and tabletop needs for restaurants and bars across the globe. They also cater to customers looking to furnish their homes.

Designers that contribute to the collection include Karim Rashid and Group Italia. The company’s notable consumers range from upmarket residential owners to professional designers like Amy Sacco of Bette and Anthony Scotto of Fresco by Scotto.

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The space is a fun sight to see with numerous rows of chairs covering the floor and seating that hangs chaotically from every wall. If you’re interested in seeing the designer seating in person, The Chair Factory has a popular showroom located in New York City that displays the high-end chair selection.

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