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Fit, Strong and Sexy

Fit, Strong and Sexy

Personal trainer, fitness instructor and writer, Lisa Payne has turned her name into a name brand with Lisa Payne Fitness Chicago, which specializes in private training sessions, small group training, and corporate training. Originally from Chicago, Payne first began teaching fitness classes and personal training to pay off student loans.

Payne believes personal fitness isn’t just about being physically fit. It’s the long term effects of having a strong and healthy body that leads to a stronger and healthier mind, said Payne. As a functional trainer, she emphasizes on core based training that is time efficient, as well and fun and safe. It is this blend of mantra and style that has garnered Payne continued success as a fitness professional and a slew of happy stories from clients. Payne has truly found her niche.

Payne’s private training sessions consist of a personalized one-on-one workout at the Symmetry Center in the River North neighborhood in Chicago. While there, Payne creates a designated program to specifically meet your needs and goals for successful results. Payne’s small group sessions are around an hour in duration with a group of 4-10 people that involves cardio, flexibility and mind and body workout for all levels. The Lisa Payne Fitness corporate workout sessions bring the gym to you at your office. This experience allows clients who work long hours and can’t get to the gym in time the luxury of having Payne come to their place of work for the training they desire.

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Payne is on the American Council on Exercise, a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, as well as fitness writer. Payne has been featured in numerous national and local publications such as Crain’s Business,, ABC 7 Chicago, as well as, WGN Chicago. Payne is an advocate for fitness education and uses her passion and a genuine desire to change the lives of her clients to promote proper fitness techniques and better health in a fun and safe manner.

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