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Buying for a Cause: Donate with Style at Hasana

Buying for a Cause: Donate with Style at Hasana

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The tagline “Guiltless Luxury for the Charitable Life” is exactly what Hasana, Inc. delivers. This unique and elegant brand offers trendy shoppers must-have accessories and apparel. From perfect-sized leather brio clutches to poly blend sleeveless dresses, there are a variety of accessories to choose from. The best feature of all? Purchases at Hasana support the Aparecio Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting high school women’s economic and mentorship opportunities.

One in four females will drop out of high school; the numbers are especially high for women of color. Low-income women are more likely to be unemployed or earn lower wages than their male counterparts. Because of this, these young women often depend on public support programs, like that of the Aparecio Foundation, to achieve the necessary skills for future success in academia.

When buying Hasana, Inc., 100% of each purchase benefits the Aparecio Foundation, thereby supplementing a sense of pride and altruism for every buy, as well as style.

For example, bracelets like the Crochetes Silver Cuff, an integrated silver wire beautifully weaved between dimpled bands, adds sophistication to any wardrobe. There is also the stylish Deer Antler Tie Bar for men. Made of maple wood and finished deer antler with a sterling silver clip, this prestige tie clasp is perfect for formal occasions. Pendent necklaces, wedding dresses, cufflinks, shoes, and gowns, all available on Hasana, Inc., can be extravagant gifts for loved ones, especially in spring when weddings are in bloom.

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For every dollar spent, the Aparecio Foundation is further funded for such a worthy cause. Help young, low-income women by visiting Hasana, Inc. and buy fashionable accessories to help those in need of a higher education.

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