Caroline Stephenson

Les Gourmandes: Chef Paul Virant

Chef Paul Virant is not a Chicago native, but he has certainly made the city his…

Into the Storm with Nathan Kress

Nathan Kress, known for his portrayal as Freddie Benson on Nickelodeon’s hit series “iCarly”, goes…

Spring 2014 Ready-To-Wear: Anastasia Chatzka

The Godfrey Hotel’s IO Urban Roofscape was humming with anticipation for the debut of local…

Nicki Brashear: Writer, Entrepreneur, and Lover of all things Chicago

I drove to Wicker Park to the storefront of local Chicago designer, Anastasia Chatza. Her…

Fashion: Johnson Hartig

Said to be the brand that paved the way for “green” fashion, Libertine was originally the love child of Hartig and Cindy Greene. Both shared a passion for placing a contemporary spin on vintage pieces by infusing them with elements from punk culture, literature, and more; they created their one-of-a-kind-pieces with frayed seams, macabre graphics, and collected beadwork and embroidery.