• Katlyn Keller

    Katlyn Keller

    Katlyn Keller is research reporter for the St. Louis Business Journal. She is a volunteer journalist for Felix Magazine with the Aparecio Foundation, and her work can be found at the St. Louis Business Journal, Vox Magazine, Boxx Magazine and her travel blog. She loves live music, sloths, autumn and alliteration.

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Surmounting the Sweet

Chicago-based chef Homaro Cantu is waging a war on obesity with molecular gastronomy and “miracle berries”. Molecular gastronomy might not sound like an appetizing phrase, but tell that to thousands of Chicagoans flocking to Moto Restaurant, an eatery twice listed on the Michelin Guide of Chicago. Chef Homaro Cantu built an establishment on the concept of molecular gastronomy, which is a style of cuisine that utilizes both ingredients from the food industry and science from the lab. Cantu’s kitchen therefore greatly resembles a laboratory, complete with smoky experiments and laser machines.

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The Men of Chicago Fire

The Windy City, Obama’s hometown, Michael Jordan’s original 23 jersey, Kanye West’s Chi-City–Chicago already has a pretty big name for itself.

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Walking the Talk: “You’ll lose the race if you don’t run”

Siobhan “Sam” Bennett has a knack for bouncing back. Sure, she lost two mayoral elections and a run for congress, but she responded to those losses by creating Name It. Change It. and becoming President/CEO of the Women’s Campaign Fund and She Should Run. These non-profit organizations fight back against the blatant sexism both in the media and in political campaigns, and work to provide gender equality in U.S. politics. And now, she will “walk the talk” and return to her hometown: Allentown, Penn. for a third shot at mayor.

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