• Elaine Madsen

    Elaine Madsen

    Documentarian, Playwright, Author and Poet. An Emmy® award winning documentary maker, Madsen has completed directing "I Know a Woman Like That" which was produced by her Academy® Award nominated daughter Virginia Madsen's Title IX Productions. The film screened in the 2009 Chicago International Film Festival where Roger Ebert cited it as "transformative and extraordinary". Madsen's book of poetry "Crayola Can't Make These Colors" is now available in book stores and on Amazon. Emmy® winning documentary "Better Than It Has to Be", about film making in Chicago, aired on both NBC and PBS. Madsen is also the the co-author of "The Texan and Dutch Gas, Kicking Off Europe's Energy Revolution", published in the USA and abroad in the Netherlands. She is the mother of actors Virginia and Michael Madsen and their writer/restauranteur sister Cheri.

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Isidora Goreshter: Balanced and Gifted

Elaine Madsen: The Gallagher family is kind of the poster child for dysfunction isn’t it?
Isidora Goreshter: I would agree! One hundred percent. There is a Frank Gallagher that exists in so many families.

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Patrick Fabian on Landing the Perfect Role

Patrick Fabian deftly fulfills his current role as Howard Hamlin in Better Call Saul. According to Fabian, “Howard is a golden boy, a country club guy, and life is good for him. He’s sure of his place in the grand scheme of things.” 

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