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Rosanna Pansino is a young entrepreneur who is famous for her You Tube cooking show, “Nerdy Nummies”. It is Pansino’s choice of baking themes such as science fiction and comic characters that makes her shows fun to watch. She not only teaches her viewers interesting recipes, but also teaches them to have fun with baking. Pansino’s YouTube show was launched in June 2011 and now has over 9 million subscribers.


Rosanna Pansino. Photographed by Isaac Alvarez.

In November 2015 she released her own cook book titled “Nerdy Nummies” which landed on the New York Times’ Best Seller list and remained on its Top 10 List for several weeks. Pansino explains that she shoots her videos from her own home because:
“I’ve always felt the most comfortable in my own kitchen and it reminds me of cooking with my family as I was growing up.”
Pansino learned the joy of cooking from her grandmother when she was very young.
“All of my early memories are in the kitchen with family.”
As a creative person, Pansino constantly gets inspired by things around her and YouTube gives her the opportunity to be even more creative.
“One of the reasons I love YouTube is that it’s the perfect outlet for creativity. Trying new recipes and having fun in the kitchen is where many of my ideas originate.”

Pansino’s cooking shows are full of fun and entertainment. However her favorite episodes are the ones when she dresses up in costumes to match the recipe or when she has a guest on her show. The most special guest for Rossana is her father.with whom she loves to share these moments.

Her favorite treat always changes but right now she enjoys shaved ice the most as she recently travelled to Hawaii and she loved the shaved ice there. Pansino is in love with science fiction and uses these themes in her cooking. She has ideas for a new theme about which she is excited.

When Rosanna is not busy cooking she spends time hiking, watching movies, spending time with friends, family and of course her dog Cookie.
Being a person who followed her passion, Pansino admires people who follow their passion and share it with the world.
“I’m constantly amazed by what is out there.”
As a successful show host, Pansino says her biggest challenge was the filming of her first YouTube show.
“Starting something new and unknown can often be scary.”
Rosanna’s key for success is to be less worried about being successful and to just do what she loves.
“Success isn’t something I usually think about. I just focus on creating content that I enjoy and am happy that other people like the same things I do.”
A piece of advice Pansino would give her younger self is to not worry about people who don’t believe in you.
“There will be more and more people who support you as time goes on.”
The baking giant Wilton recently partnered with Pansino to create a product line of kitchen tools with bright colors and fun designs which represent Rosanna’s love for baking and should serve to encourage everyone to have fun with baking.
Rossana’s new items will be available at Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts in late summer 2017.

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