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Force of Nature: Christina Wren on Her Upcoming Role In the Sequel ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Force of Nature: Christina Wren on Her Upcoming Role In the Sequel ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

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Christina Wren is an actress, a writer, a producer and an undeniable force to be reckoned with. She is a bona fide globetrotter, making roots in cities all across the U.S. from New York City to Pittsburg to her now home in L.A. as well as Capetown, South Africa and Melbourne, Australia.

Wren’s experience in South Africa to film the documentary ‘Streetball’ turned into a relationship with her now husband, Demetrius. Wren expressively described Capetown as, “a city of dichotomies with a lot of passion and extra vibrant culture combined with a very raw, rough element where every moment feels life or death. While I was working with a homeless population in some of the rougher areas, every person you encounter is so alive, so bright; the art and music are beautiful and the city feels so incredibly… alive.”

Despite her wanderlust, Wren has grounded herself in LA with her husband for the last two years acknowledging that, “home is wherever my loved ones are at the time.”

If you don’t know Wren for her documentaries, you likely know her from her role as Major Carrie Farris in Superman based film, ‘Man of Steele’, a role she revisited in the upcoming sequel ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ Wren describes her character as strong, focused and courageous but as a military officer, she has developed more and now commands more respect from her peers than in her first film and has really matured.

Wren’s Major Carri is a woman trying to make herself known in a world of men. The challenge of needing to be ‘on point’ 24/7 is a feeling that resonates deeply with Wren. It is easy to see that what Christina lacks in the height department, she definitely makes up for with a large, vivacious personality and is definitely a presence to be addressed.

Wren believes that Dawn of Justice represents a large part of our culture and is a “part of the cultural cannon, representing our hope, our need and our desire to believe in heroes; which is powerful part of Americana.”

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Outside of her film role Wren focuses her ambition towards the independent studio “Two Kids with a Camera” founded by she and her husband. ”What started as a small project has slowly developed into a successful venture, building up their client base and evolving the spectrum of projects over the last five years.

Wren loves that this is “the empowering feeling behind bringing your own characters to life”. Being a producer allows her to create opportunities for herself, take control over her journey and to have a say in the kind of role she plays and for the content she is putting out into the world. Wren is also a crafter and jewelry designer, which you can find on her Etsy site, “Tea on Tuesdays.”

Keep an eye out for Wren when Dawn of Justice hits the screen March 25, 2016 or visit her instagram @Christina Wren or website,

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