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Jennifer Grace Shares How to Handle Holiday Stress

Jennifer Grace Shares How to Handle Holiday Stress

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During the holidays, stress can be at an all-time high because of maintaining work/life balance, family traditions and self-care.

But according to Executive Transformational coach Jennifer Grace, there are very powerful communication tools to utilize in order to stay sane during the next few months.

When it comes to balancing work and life this holiday season, Jennifer says it’s okay to be human. Give yourself permission to let your life be unbalanced for a little while. As she explained, “If you stood on just one foot, you would only be able to balance for a little while.”

And when it comes down to being on the same page as your family members, Grace explains, “In order to enjoy holiday family traditions and eliminate family feuds, realize that problems come down to communication. Try to stay positive around family members and keep the energy up.” She notes that compassion is key, and voice mirroring is a really powerful communication tool when a disagreement is brewing.

We tend to interrupt each other when upset, which escalates conflict. If you are upset, mirror everything your family member is saying after they say it. “What I heard you say was,” is also a key phrase to make the other party feel validated. She explains, “Communication problems can come from when you don’t feel like you’re being heard or understood,” so the first step is making them feel understood.

Accordingly, if you feel overwhelmed and stuck, just take a five minute break. Walk outside to hear nature sounds, listen to music, journal your thoughts or use lavender aromatherapy to come back centered and balanced. Focus on what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting to ground yourself.

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Additionally, meditation and exercise is a key tactic to exercise self-care throughout holiday chaos. Exercise produces serotonin, which is a mood stabilizer. So go for a good run or yoga session if the stress is increasing. “It’s a way to cultivate an unshakable happiness and center yourself in the eye of the storm.”

Above all, Grace wants to leave this thought with anyone struggling during the holidays, or even in general, “Overwhelmed is just a thought.” It’s all about perspective, so think about what you have to do and how you will achieve your goals. Put a post-it up saying “Overwhelmed is just a thought,” and you’ll be on your way to clarity and inner peace.

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