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Maura Horton: A Contemporary Fashion Hero

Maura Horton: A Contemporary Fashion Hero

The term fashion design normally conjures images of glamour, celebrities and the upper-crust of society. But Maura Horton is shattering that stereotype as a pioneer of innovative fashion design.

Her husband was 48 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. As a career college football coach, was unable to buy a new shirt with the limited motion of his body. He couldn’t get dressed and found difficulty in what used to be an easy task.

One day, after her husband came home very discouraged, Maura did what any caring wife would do-she set out to create a solution for this problem. She ordered some utilitarian velcro shirts, yet was disappointed with the functionality. So one day, her interest was sparked when thinking of the magnetic closures in purses. She realized they would be perfect for her design ideas. As a former children’s wear designer but being eight years out of the game, she had plenty of inspiration yet needed to get her feet wet again.

Maura went on to develop a prototype of a men’s shirt with magnetic closures, and she knew they had to be washable, as no similar product was in stores. Thus, Magna Ready was born.

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One way that Maura was able to learn more about disability styling was working with celebrity stylists to dress celebrities like Olympian Katy Sullivan, actress Jamie Brewer and even partnering with a non-profit to license her technology for children’s clothing.

With more than 50 million Americans living with physical conditions that limit their mobility in one way or another, Maura is providing a much-needed staple for those who deserve it the most. From olympians to actresses, physical limitations don’t discriminate. But thanks to Maura, no one has to sacrifice his or her ease of use, confidence, style or comfort.

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