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Chicago’s Top 5 Chicago-Style Dogs

Chicago’s Top 5 Chicago-Style Dogs

The ease of summer is in full effect as weekends are filled with beer and hot dogs. But for some of us, grilling out and laying poolside isn’t very practical when living in a studio apartment the size of a shoebox. Fellow Chicagoans, have no fear-the best five hot dogs are here.

5.) Portillo’s (Google Review: 4.4/5)
Everyone knows of Portillo’s, even if they’re not in the Chicagoland area. Tourists always populate this location, but there’s a good reason for that. Portillo’s has a variety of menu items including their dipped beef sandwiches, but their Chicago-style hot dogs are a true classic. After your meal, don’t forget to top it off with one of their infamous chocolate cake shakes.

4.) Wolfy’s (Google Review: 4.5/5)
Located in west Rogers Park, Wolfy’s is notorious for giving their customers a plentiful helping of every necessary topping on their Chicago-style dogs. Wolfy’s also adds caramelized onions atop the Vienna beef dog for a touch of sweetness.

3.) Redhot Ranch (Google Review: 4.5/5)
This location is known for the freshness of their ingredients and their perfectly cooked dogs with just enough bite. Additionally, Redhot Ranch is rumored to have some of the best hand-cut fries in Chicago. You’re best to order the double dog, seeing that the sausages are a bit slimmer compared to their competition.

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2.) Gene and Jude’s (Google Review: 4.5/5)
Rated highly by Zagat, Gene and Jude’s hefty Vienna beef hot dogs are served with only mustard, relish and onions. Each order is topped with a handful of fries for good measure, but don’t be surprised when you can’t find ketchup to pair with your fries. Gene and Jude’s is strictly a no ketchup joint.

1.) U.B. Dogs (Google Review: 4.7/5)
U. B. Dogs took first place for our hot dog list because of the prices, quality and quantity of the food. Their two-dog special will get you two signature dogs, fries and a drink all for under $9. The Chicago, Joey and Maxwell dogs are among the top competitors. And if you’re having an early morning, U.B.’s also serves breakfast! Offering personalized breakfast sandwiches, breakfast bowls and omelets.

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