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Whiiite and Love Taps blow the ROOF off theWit in Chicago

Whiiite and Love Taps blow the ROOF off theWit in Chicago

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Corona’s Electric Beach Party brought us LA’s enigmatic DJ Whiiite and the musically dynamic duo of Love Taps, who we chatted to before their set.

Twenty-seven floors up theWit hotel, ROOF played host to Corona’s Electric Beach Party. It was the second in a series of electronic music events that will take place in Chicago, New York and Las Vegas this summer.

Bright-blue garlands, custom snapbacks and Corona-filled ice buckets furnished the tables of the rooftop venue. DJ Sinclair Wheeler got things rolling with a lengthy, energetic warm-up set of semi-recent house favorites and live guitar riffs.

Whiiite is the project of DJ and producer Chris White. Drawing influence from his background in art & design, he has developed a superhero character via his graphic novel series (a ghostly figure in a black hat) to sculpt his sound into an immersive experience.

The venue was washed a pink shade of purple by the overhead lights. Co2 blasted onto the dance floor as Whiiite whipped his arm around the decks for drop after drop of his tumultuous, twerk-trap. His sound is neatly positioned in the remixing realm, bouncing off current hip hop with trap beats and deep, electronic clunks used in his version of ‘Only’.

On the balcony of ROOF, we interviewed DJ Self Help and Tanner- who together make NYC’s tropical house duo, Love Taps.

FELIX: I read somewhere this is your first show together?

T: This is our first Love Taps show. It is right? [to SH]

SH: Yeah it’s true. Yeah I’d say so.

T: It’s exciting.

FELIX: We checked out your soundcloud, you released a single a couple of months ago called ‘Back for More’.

T: Our first original song.

FELIX: And you released a video for it.

T: You check it out?

FELIX: Yeah it’s great! You’ve also just done a remix of Gooey by Glass Animals.

T: A British band [in reference to my nationality].

FELIX: Exactly. How did you find out about Glass Animals and/or the track?

T: We had no idea who they were.

FELIX: Really, yeah?

SH: Sorry, radical honesty.

T: There is a production duo, a DJ duo called ‘TWRK’, out of New York, and Benzi (who is half of ‘TWRK’) does a show for 1Xtra.

SH: They have a regular Diplo and Friends thing.

T: Yeah so he was like this sounds like you guys, you guys should vibe with this song, and I’ll put it on my mix. So we checked it out and it’s a super dope song. I tried not to listen to any other remixes. We wanted to do something different and thankfully there weren’t any other ones like that.

FELIX: Have you met Diplo?

SH: I actually did meet him a long time ago. It was him and Switch as Major Lazer and they played at this giant church that had been turned into a club in Columbus, Ohio. I opened up for him, so I met him there. Yeah it was pretty nice, it was tight.

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FELIX: Are you playing any more live shows together this year?

T: We’re both working DJs on our own terms, so we’re always gigging. I played in New York last night, SH played on Friday.

FELIX: So you’re busy outside of the project?

T: We’re just kind of waiting for the project to get enough steam. We started that soundcloud about six/seven months ago. We’ve just started putting stuff out. We want to have everything just right; we want the Love Taps experience to be right so we’re not just taking every gig you know. As long as you grind on the Internet now you don’t have to keep taking gigs.

FELIX: Have you been thinking about a particular gig or festival that you want to play?

T: Maybe because I’m from British Colombia, but with our sound I really want to play Shambhala. Something about us playing at five in the morning by a stream in BC makes a lot of sense to me and I don’t know why. I wouldn’t turn down Creamfields either.

SH: Electric Forest would be dope to play too.

T: Less EDC in Vegas more DMT in the forest is more our vibe I guess.

SH: It’d be cool to play Burning Man too, and dress like Mad Max characters and play a sunrise set.

FELIX: Haha! Thanks guys for talking to us and enjoy your set.

Love Taps’ multifarious sound took listeners on a genre-spanning journey from trap right through to their tropical house vibes. ‘Back For More’ and their remix of ‘Gooey’ got the most positive reaction from the crowd. To follow–up their own material they delved into hip hop, pulling off ‘Know Yourself’ and ‘No Type’ to culminate a fantastic debut set and Corona’s second Electric Beach Party of 2015.

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