Charlene Amoia on Careers, Charities and the One Thing People Don’t Know

Most of us know her as Wendy, the waitress on the hit television show How I met Your Mother, but Charlene Amoia has made appearances on more than two dozen television shows and films such as Glee, Dexter and American Reunion to name a few.


Charlene Amoia. Photographed by Isaac Alvarez. Hair & Makeup Sophia Poch. Fashion Stylist Ali Levine.

Although sometimes bouncing around to so many different projects can be tiring at times, Amoia doesn’t mind at all. “I love what I do because I’m always doing something different and it never gets ordinary,” said Amoia.

As a teenager, Amoia moved from Buffalo, NY to Las Vegas which was a difficult transition for her at the time. “At 15 I was not happy about having to move away from all my friends and my school, but once I got there it was the best thing,” said Amoia. Soon after, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her career in acting and found out soon enough the struggles a young actress faces on a daily basis. “Pursuing a career as an actress for any woman is tough, because it’s a highly competitive industry and you will not always get every part you want,” said Amoia, “Early on when I first started acting, it would knock the wind out of me when I would be rejected for parts I auditioned for, but I began to find things outside of acting that I love as well.”

One of the things Amoia finds enjoyment in is being outdoors as much as possible. “I really love spending time in nature,” said Amoia, “I recently moved closer to the beach this past year after living in Hollywood, and being able to run on the beach has made a big difference in dealing with any struggles that come my way.”  Giving back is another way Amoia also finds fulfillment.

She has worked with several charitable organizations including Food on Foot, which is a local charity in Los Angeles that helps feed the homeless and Women for Women International, which helps women in countries affected by war and conflict, and gives them the educational tools support them in moving towards stability.  “Women for Women International is an organization I think is really great and I found them initially after watching a special on women who are raped in the Congo,” said Amoia. Although her involvement in these organizations has been prevalent in her life, Amoia strives to continue to further support other charities and organizations. “I would like to get even more involved in charities, as my career grows I have more of a voice and that is something I would love to be more ambitious about,” said Amoia.

Having a bubbly personality has been something Amoia is known for both on and off the screen, but what most people don’t know is how incredibly shy she really is. “I am really good if I’m talking to one person but if I am in a group of people I am extremely shy,” said Amoia “especially if I don’t know them.”  As a child Amoia was always on the shy side and has used her gift of acting as a way to escape from her shyness. According to Amoia if you knew her well growing up you would know her for her fun and silly side but it takes a while before she feels comfortable showing that. “It’s  part of the reason I like acting, because I can hide in a character and that is more comfortable to me than to expose myself when there is a group of people,” said Amoia.

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