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Kendra Peterson & Why These Grapes Are So Darn Funny

Kendra Peterson & Why These Grapes Are So Darn Funny

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The marriage between delicious and healthy food has always been a precarious one, but thanks to Chef Kendra Peterson a whirlwind romance has been fostered between the two. Founder of Drizzle Kitchen, Peterson is determined to show the world, especially those with food allergies, that you never have to sacrifice flavor to stay healthy.

Based in Chicago, Drizzle Kitchen was born out of a need to infuse everyday dining with foods that strengthen the foundation for a healthy life. Chef Peterson focuses on using fresh, pure ingredients to create delicious meals for clients who desire convenient, gluten-free food. Her business includes personal chef services, boutique catering, in-home classes, and cooking parties. And all of her ingredients are organic and locally sustainable. The success of her business rests heavily on the fact that Chef Peterson never lost sight of her original intentions and has built a business completely focused on whole, nutrient rich foods.

According to her article for the February 2012 issue of Shape magazine, her love of food stemmed from cherished time spent with her mother in their kitchen. And although her mother passed when she was eight years, those strong memories pushed her to pursue a career that would keep her cooking. Even before her college career began, Peterson knew she wanted to find a way to fuse nutrition with incredible flavor. She graduated with a degree in Food Science and Dietetics and began a corporate career with Williams-Sonoma. While she was opening stores for them and teaching cooking lessons, Peterson knew she had so much more to contribute, but no opportunity had yet presented itself. It wasn’t until her sister’s friend asked her about being a personal chef that the idea started coming together. Peterson agreed to put together weekly meals to accommodate the selective tastes of this woman’s family and, before she knew it, more busy mothers were coming to her with similar requests. Peterson soon realized she had stumbled upon her true calling; with her knowledge of nutrition, she could provide clients with food that nourished as it was being savored. And so Drizzle Kitchen came to fruition.

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According to her website, what started out as a side business became a full-time career when her client-base grew too large and she decided to part ways with Williams-Sonoma. Drizzle Kitchen now serves a variety of clientele including professional athletes and actors. Many of her clients include those with gluten and other allergies and were referred to her by their doctors or nutritionists. Chef Peterson loves the opportunity to help these clients, in particular, learn that they can still enjoy incredible foods and lead regular lives. Sharing her knowledge of food and nutrition with whoever wishes to learn actually has become an integral part of her mission. By attending seminars and meeting with health professionals, Chef Peterson constantly educates her clients with the most up-to-date information and she even began a blog in 2009 as a way to share recipes, tips for dealing with food allergies, and party etiquette with those outside her client base. Check out her blog at Urban Tarte and contact her at for inquiries about her services.

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