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Carl F. Bucherer, Watchmaker Extraordinaire

Carl F. Bucherer, Watchmaker Extraordinaire

When one conjures up an image of a luxury watch, it is the elegant and incomparable Swiss watch which comes to mind. From Rolex and Movado to Tissot and Omega, Switzerland is home to some of the most celebrated and renowned watch manufacturers. Carl F. Bucherer is a much celebrated Swiss watchmaker, a pioneer in this industry, long well-known for timepieces with impeccable designs and technical precision.

This independently owned company dates back to 1888, when founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened a jewelry and watch shop in Lucerne, Switzerland. His creations were widely lauded and instantly developed a repute for being cutting edge and of superior quality. According to Sascha Moeri, who took charge of the company as CEO in 2010:

“Bucherer passed down his artistic ingenuity to his two sons, who then went on to carry their father’s legacy. One learned to become a watchmaker, while the other trained as a goldsmith. Today the combination of these two artistic skills is still reflected in the perfect form of Carl F. Bucherer watches. The company remains family-owned. We are still headquartered in our hometown of Lucerne, but have become a brand with global presence.”

When it comes to designing Bucherer watches, the emphasis is not only on making the timepieces appealing to the eye but also ensuring that they are technologically advanced.

“We were the first company to successfully design and implement a peripheral rotor based movement for production, and this design has become a hallmark of the brand.”

CEO Moeri attributes the success of the brand to the company’s ability to integrate classic designs with contemporary styling. It is this which resonates with customers but has also set the watchmaker apart from the industry’s long list of competitors. Unlike other Swiss watchmakers, who either excel in creating jewelry watches or attaining technical proficiency. CEO Moeri believes Carl F. Bucherer watches achieve both.

“Within our collections, you’ll find tourbillons, dive watches, power reserves, perpetual calendars, moon phases, our iconic peripheral rotor driven movements, and all manner of watch making complications and functions for men and women. More than the watches we create, the spirit of our brand is unique. We celebrate and support diverse achievements in many fields, including great causes at home in Lucerne and abroad, as well as in sports, music, and the arts.”

It was through their support for other fields and causes, that a recent collaboration with Hollywood came to fruition in the film “Atomic Blonde” starring Charlize Theron. Released last summer, two Carl F. Bucherer timepieces, the Manero Central Chrono and Manero Flyback, play pivotal roles in the movie. Moeri stated that the collaboration between the two entities was no coincidence:

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“I’ve had a close relationship with Swiss action star Daniel Bernhardt, (who also stars in the film) for years. He became a real fan of our timepieces, and his enthusiasm naturally led Carl F. Bucherer to proclaim him an ambassador. Through him, I became acquainted with our other ambassadors, David Leitch, who directed Atomic Blonde, and Chad Stahelski who co-directed “John Wick”, starring Keanu Reeves. Carl F. Bucherer timepieces starred in both installments of that franchise. I think it says a lot that all of this has unfolded thanks to relationships. It’s a testament to Carl F. Bucherer’s identity as a global company that still operates with an approachable, family-owned ethic.”

Moeri believes that this will not be the last time the audiences see Carl F. Bucherer
timepieces making an appearance on the big screen. “The synergy we’ve achieved between our timepieces and the world of Hollywood has been very exciting. Our timepieces fit right in to this world of action and style. I look forward to more projects on the horizon.”

As for the future of the company, apart from collaborating with the world of motion pictures, the watch manufacturer is diving right into the realm of digital communications by rigorously investing in social media and video-storytelling to expand the brand and to continue its’ presence in the industry as a vanguard. Moeri is certain:

“We will always remain true to our identity as a Swiss family-owned company, rooted in our hometown of Lucerne. However, the way we tell our story is changing. It’s clear that Carl F. Bucherer’s reputation as a global luxury watch brand will only grow, and I expect to open many more Carl F. Bucherer boutiques around the world.”

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