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Onwards and Upwards: The Struggles and Triumphs of Virginia Boroweic

Onwards and Upwards: The Struggles and Triumphs of Virginia Boroweic

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For some people, starting a new career later in life is a challenge, especially in the entertainment industry. But for actress Virginia Borowiec, the challenge is accepted.

“This is a new venture for me,” says Borowiec, “I have been involved in small projects and theatrical roles, but acting has really been something that I have been focusing on this past year.” Originally from Wisconsin, Borowiec came to Los Angeles when she was 18 with the intention of acting, but had a hard time actualizing that dream. “I moved to LA with the notion to be an actress, but there was a lot of fear for me to admit that, because of the stigma of moving to LA to be an actress. It was discouraging at first, but you have to be a fighter, and have to say no, this is my passion and this is what I’m going to do.” As she began her life in LA, needing a paycheck became the number one priority and the dream of acting was quickly put on the back burner. “I got into a full blown career as an event professional in coordination and production, so my acting really took a back seat to that, because financially it was good on paper,” said Borowiec. “But I found myself very unhappy and felt as if I signed myself up for monetary success, because I was miserable.”

The road to success for this outgoing actress hasn’t been easy. Having lost loved ones to drug overdoses, including her high school sweetheart, making a huge life change at the age of 18 was a scary move. “When you lose someone that close to you, you will never be the same, and something in you changes forever. But through pain is growth, and it has made me a stronger more courageous woman. It has been a catalyst for my strength and drive to make my life worth something.” Not only is Borowiec on a mission to make her own life meaningful, she is also driven to make the lives around her significant. She further notes, “I’m a big believer in service, and any chance I get to contribute to a cause, I’m on board, whether it’s financially or my time. If every person gave even one dollar to charities, imagine what that could do.” Beyond giving her time and finances to those who need it, her positive attitude and Midwestern personality shines through. She reiterates, “Being a friendly, kind person and exuding good energy can really guide you and those around you.”

When she isn’t acting or helping those around her, you will find her outdoors enjoying nature. “I love hiking and being outdoors; it’s really a place I can get in tune with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s where I find my balance.” Health and fitness is something that has always intrigued the actress, who is currently taking a course to be certified as a nutritional therapist. “I am really interested in the science of how the body works and how we process stress. And in a city filled with so many pollutants, how we can fight back and really take care of ourselves.”

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Although starting a new career in your thirties can be stressful for many reasons, Borowiec is using this opportunity to pursue what makes her truly happy and encourage others that it’s never too late. “It’s not easy as a woman to grow up and support yourself, but with ambition and drive, we can accomplish anything.”

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