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The New Guard: Michael Roark

The New Guard: Michael Roark

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Becoming an actor was not initially what Michael Roark intended for his career. In the fall of 2009, Roark was sworn into the bar as a licensed attorney and had every intension of a lifelong career in the legal profession.

However, as many fell short to the weak economy and scarce job opportunities, Roark decided he needed to explore other options. “The economy was ravaged from the credit crisis, jobs were hard to come by for anyone let alone a kid fresh out of law school,” said Roark, “I was bartending just to pay the bills and had only theatre experience at that point so I took the jump into TV/Film for the first time.” And jump he did. Soon after he booked a guest star spot on “The Glades” pilot show and felt he may have found his calling. “ I knew I wanted to give acting another shot post law school and was fortunate to find great training and be offered a great opportunity,” said Roark.

Once the job market began to get back on track Roark attempted to balance work as an attorney with his acting but soon found balancing the two was a challenge. “When attorney positions did come up I balanced work as an attorney with acting but I knew I couldn’t keep that up. Both are competitive, full-time professions that demand your full attention if you want to do it right,” said Roark.

After making the decision to focus on his acting career it was clear Roark made the right choice. From his guest spots on Greys Anatomy to his performance in Magic Mike, Roark has not been short of work and is making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. “For me, it begins with confidence,” said Roark, “If you walk in any room unsure of yourself you are making it very difficult to create any life in the room and you aren’t making it easy for the powers that be to cut you a check. Confidence first, then character.”

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Connecting with the character in a role is not the only connection Roark has in his life. “I have always felt a kinship with philanthropy and I don’t mind saying that part of it may be selfish,” said Roark, “Helping others is not only the right thing to do, it makes you feel good.” Roark participates on the Board of Directors and as a Los Angeles Chairman for EPHAS (Every Person Has A Story) “We utilize power of photography to aid growth of young students in challenged communities by putting a camera in their hands, educating them and then sharing their stories and images worldwide,” Said Roark. No matter what Michael Roark is involved in, his endeavors are just the beginning, “I feel so grateful.”

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