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Kickstarter: Lizanne Falsetto

Kickstarter: Lizanne Falsetto

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Lizanne Falsetto, Founder and CEO of thinkThin Products: Her Passion for Fitness Inspires a Healthy Business Liz Falsetto had a problem.

All the pots and pans she carried with her as she traveled between modeling shows in Milan, Madrid, Australia, Japan, and New York were taking up way too much space in her suitcases! But her earlier training – both as a pro-basketball hopeful and high-fashion runway model – had deeply instilled in her the necessity of balanced nutrition in maintaining optimum health, fitness, and beauty from the inside out. Yet at the same time, her Italian grandparents had taught her to love fresh, natural, good-tasting food.

It wouldn’t be until 1999, when Liz returned to live in the United States permanently, that her quest for satisfying and nutritious, yet convenient meals would end – and right in her own kitchen! Experimenting with stripped-down, natural ingredients, she developed a delicious, sustaining bar to meet her own body’s need for foods high in protein, low in sugar or sugar-free, and gluten-free. Friends and family who tried Liz’s tasty creations loved them and wanted more – to the point that she couldn’t keep up with the demand. It was clearly time to start a business.

From these beginnings came thinkThin Products®, now ranked by SPINscan research as the number four brand nationally, out of 119 competitors. And not only that – of the top ten energy bar brands, thinkThin® has the highest dollar growth rate in the U.S. The current success and expansion of thinkThin®, even in the recent slow economy, is a testimony to Liz’s strong belief in her company’s direction and vision for its future.

Unique to Liz and thinkThin® is their basic premise of weight wellness, as opposed to weight control. Weight wellness, Liz says, is the optimal weight range at which our bodies feel happy and healthy. Unlike weight loss, promised by other companies and products, weight wellness is not defined by any particular shape, number on a scale, inches on a tape measure, or someone else’s concept of a beautiful body. According to Liz, attaining weight wellness fills us with a sense of feeling good – energized, satisfied, confident, sexy – and having a life filled with joy and laughter. This lifestyle is what thinkThin® products promote and support.

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Liz makes it clear, however, that no concept or ideal can become reality without three other natural ingredients – passion, drive, and dedication. A self-created entrepreneur, she never attended college, but instead educated herself through her own experience traveling the world, during which time she saw and learned a variety of approaches to business and management. She also learned what she needed to know through her own reading and research, as well as by consulting with food industry experts. As her company grows and diversifies, Liz never stops working to learn more.

A single mother of two, Liz applies her positive philosophies – living in the moment, believing in herself, and following her intuition – to every area of her life. Her favorite thinkThin® bar, Chunky Peanut Butter, was inspired by her daughter, a big fan of Skippy peanut butter. Just like with Skippy, she told her mom, people should be able to choose creamy or chunky. The greatest reward for Liz has been her discovery that by sharing her pursuit for wellness and balance – both in nutrition and mental attitude – she is helping many to have what she wants for herself and her children, a “day lived well.”

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