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It's an age-old dilemma that many of us face at some point in our lives; do what you love, or do what will pay the bills? Well, Andrea Schutter is here to tell you that you don't have to make that choice. She is living proof that if you do what you love, money will follow and not because someone helped her along the way, just simply through hard work, dedication and perseverance is she able to stand by that philosophy. At the age of 22, Andrea was an art major and always was an artist at heart. Schutter started working at Department stores with Lancome, and then with the makeup brand Perspective's. It was here that she really was taught undertones in foundation and truly became a master of foundations. She was with Perspectives for over two years and then went down to Florida to study at Joe Blasco Make-up College for 3 months. After completing school she was union tested, local 798 (East coast). Shortly after she began working with the Golf Channel, doing pretty much every golfer out there's make-up (except Tiger Woods - I know that was my first question as well.) While with the Golf Channel- Fox Sports, she worked on Golf Talk live, Gold Academy, and Golf Central. After three years with them she decided it was time to freelance. Schutter's first movie was "From Earth to the Moon" with Tom Hanks - whom she speaks very highly of, in fact she said they had a very 'enlightening' conversation about sunscreen. After being invited by the Key Make-Up artist Gina LaMendolla to key second unit that was outside, Andrea consequently got too much sun, resulting in a sunburn. After this film she went on to work on Mortal Combat, Forever Mine, with Ray Loitta and was continually doing projects with Universal and MGM. After having established herself in the Florida/Hollywood Make-up scene, she decided that she wanted to return to her roots and go back to Texas. In Houston she has done lots of print work, as well as working with MSNBC Hardball, the Latin Grammys, and several National Commercials. Andrea is also talented in special effects make-up. Some other quite notably credits include: Barack Obama, People Choice awards, The Superbowl, Nicole Richie and Rapper Nelly, as well as work with Luminous Air Brush. I asked her how she managed to accomplish so much with so little? I said you must have had a really motivational mentor? She informed me that she didn't have a mentor and that she did everything on her own and had to teach herself along the way. So it's no wonder that it is very important for Andrea to mentor younger make-up artist and guide them in learning the right and wrong ways of doing things. She strikes me as a good mentor, not only because of her skill level, but also because she is a very positive, upbeat person that truly believes that if you follow your dreams and work hard you will achieve what you are looking for. Schutter goes on to say that it's easier to do this with a mentor. Andrea comes from a large family with nine brothers and sisters, so as supportive as they all were, it just was not economically possible for her parents to help her financially. Consequently, she had to make it on her own. Andrea Schutter doesn't stop at make-up - she is also a licensed hair dresser..not cut and color, but styling. Saying she loves doing people's hair because it's more a challenge for her, make-up was something that always came natural to her. However, hair is something she had to work for. It's hard to find make-up artists out there that do hair and do hair well. Andrea is walking proof that if you work hard and persevere through the hard times (which she says there was plenty of) you will walk away doing all that you love and making a living doing it.
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