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14 Under 45: Jamie Czelusniak

14 Under 45: Jamie Czelusniak

Jamie Czelusniak, Camuto Group designer art director, offered to share her knowledge and experience to the guests of Aparecio’s 14 Under 45 event.

“I wanted to be a panelist for this event to inspire young girls to really go after what they want in their careers, and to reinforce to them the importance of networking,” Czelusniak said. “So many people are at your fingertips with networking technology these days and all you have to do is reach out.”

Czelusniak emphasized that it’s helpful to have a professional mentor for guidance, support, industry knowledge and network expansion. She encourages young adults to never be afraid of taking risks when embarking their careers.

Because Czelusniak took those steps in the beginning, she now has a job that she loves, along with the opportunity to be creative with her work.

“I am truly passionate about design and art direction in the fashion space, and to be able to concept new, creative ideas and then actually implement them and watch them come to life is extremely rewarding,” Czelusniak said.

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Czelusniak noted that her favorite part of the night was hearing from the keynote speaker, Courtney VanLonkhuyzen.

“I was so inspired,” Czelusniak said. “It was really empowering to listen to her success story as a female executive.”

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