Lilly Tokuyama, Fullerton’s Stylish and Spiritual Storyteller

SoCal native Jane of all trades, Lilly Tokuyama is an expert storyteller and a busy bee. In 2011, she was inspired to start a “do good” store after purchasing a Hello Somebody watch in which the company itself (product proceeds go to combat hunger around the globe) introduced her to the idea of social giving.

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Surmounting the Sweet

Chicago-based chef Homaro Cantu is waging a war on obesity with molecular gastronomy and “miracle berries”. Molecular gastronomy might not sound like an appetizing phrase, but tell that to thousands of Chicagoans flocking to Moto Restaurant, an eatery twice listed on the Michelin Guide of Chicago. Chef Homaro Cantu built an establishment on the concept of molecular gastronomy, which is a style of cuisine that utilizes both ingredients from the food industry and science from the lab. Cantu’s kitchen therefore greatly resembles a laboratory, complete with smoky experiments and laser machines.

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Michael Madsen: A True American Badass

It’s easy to see how Michael Madsen is considered to be Hollywood’s iconic, badass bad guy.

Starring in movies like Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Donnie Brasco, Sin City, and Die Another Day, Madsen usually portrays a smooth operating villain that perfectly delivers lines like “Are you gonna bark all day little doggie? Or are you going to bite?”

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