Indulge in Burgers and Spiked Shakes at 25 Degrees

25 Degrees is a restaurant that is notorious for their uniquely crafted hamburgers. With standout toppings, custom patties and milkshake cocktails, this place is anything but ordinary.


25 Degrees. Photographed by Amaris Granado.

25 Degrees is located in three other cities, including Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, and Bangkok. The Chicago location can be found at 736 N Clark St. in River North. And brothers Joe and Mac Boumaroun are hands-on managers who enjoy working closely with their employees and customers.

The menu of 25 Degrees especially makes the restaurant unique, compared to traditional burger eateries because customers build their own burgers. Before even choosing what goes on top of a burger, one must choose a patty preference. Choices include ground sirloin, turkey, vegetable and even Yellowfin tuna steak. Next, there are over 30 toppings to make the burger even more delicious.

From lemon dill sauce to jalapeno bacon, the selection between toppings, sauces and cheese can be overwhelming.

Customers can polish off their meals by ordering one of 25 Degree’s spiked milkshakes. Each shake is made with a liquor/ice cream concoction that makes the restaurant even more likeable. Although, if you’re not in the mood for an afternoon ice cream cocktail; there are, of course, their classic non-alcoholic shakes.

So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood and crave an exotic burger, 25 Degrees should be your destination.

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